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Palliative Care Provided to Older Adults in San Luis Obispo, CA

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Palliative Care Provided to Older Adults in San Luis Obispo, CA

January 23
19:03 2020
Palliative Care Provided to Older Adults in San Luis Obispo, CA

One of the largest generations in U.S. history is aging and includes more than 77 million older adults in the United States born between 1946 and 1964. Also commonly known as “Baby Boomers”, the country’s healthcare system is feeling the impact of this generation beginning to age. Older adults are more likely to develop serious illnesses or diseases as a consequence of aging, and thus are more likely to utilize the healthcare system than the general population. With developments in healthcare, new services like palliative care have emerged as a bridge between treatment and hospice.  Today’s elderly patients often choose palliative care, as it keeps them comfortable while still receiving life-sustaining treatment. Whether patients have terminal illnesses and need relief from symptoms or are receiving curative treatments, specialists trained in palliative care offer them choices and a better quality of life.

Symptom Discomfort is Reduced with Pain Management

Patients who are experiencing pain from disease progression or medical treatments or often turn to professionals at Wilshire Health & Community Services, Inc. for palliative care. Modern medicine can often extend the life of patients with serious illnesses, but the side effects of treatments are often devastating. For many years, older adults struggle living with pain, nausea, depression, and limitations caused disease progression and side effects of treatment. Palliative care provides comfort and quality of life in conjunction with life-sustaining treatment.

Palliative Care Offers a Better Overall Quality of Life

Many families and senior residents of San Luis Obispo who are struggling with decisions about their health care reach out to palliative care providers at and speak with professionals who offer alternatives. Older patients with serious illnesses can often live many more years with quality care and pain management; however, dealing with expenses, maintaining a positive outlook, and even coordinating doctors’ appointments can be overwhelming. Per Today’s Geriatric Medicine experts, trained palliative care teams will create comprehensive care plans that include patients and their families. Their goal is to anticipate, treat, and prevent suffering while providing quality treatment for disease or illness.

Older Adults Have a Choice in Treatment Options

Many older adult patients with serious illnesses follow traditional medical plans and go through treatments without knowing that they have options surrounding their treatment plans. Often, older adults will choose treatment plans that may give them the best chance at sustaining life, while not fully understanding the side effects associated with extending life. However, those who research palliative care at are offered alternatives that include both treatment and pain management together. Professional healthcare providers can help them manage pain and symptoms in their own home. Even in the case where an older adult may have a terminal illness, palliative care allows for the patient to have quality of time and often enjoy whatever time remains. Not only does palliative care allow patients to feel better physically, but palliative care is also covered by Medicare and Medical. According to Money Magazine, typical medical costs for Medicare recipients in the last five years of their lives average $39,000 per person but do not always guarantee a better quality of life.

Patients May Continue Curative Treatments

Patients can choose palliative care at any point in their illnesses and continue their existing curative treatments. It is an invaluable tool that allows many to improve patient outcomes by decreasing pain and discomfort. Like palliative care, hospice care is another service that keeps patients comfortable, but in order to receive hospice care, a patient must be given a terminal diagnosis of six or fewer months to live.

Health care providers with special training can offer patients with serious illnesses palliative care that improves their quality of life. Home health care providers can help patients reduce stress and pain caused by disease and treatments.

Wilshire Home Health is a Central Coast agency committed to providing a high standard of health care and community support. The agency includes a team of professionals dedicated to helping clients and patients achieve the best possible quality of life.

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