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Thought Leader, Marcela Lopez, Is Revolutionizing The Job Market By Empowering Engineers And Technical Professionals To Land The Dream Career and Compensation They Deserve

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Thought Leader, Marcela Lopez, Is Revolutionizing The Job Market By Empowering Engineers And Technical Professionals To Land The Dream Career and Compensation They Deserve

October 02
21:27 2020
Thought Leader, Marcela Lopez, Is Revolutionizing The Job Market By Empowering Engineers And Technical Professionals To Land The Dream Career and Compensation They Deserve

Woman Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer and CEO of Job Platform, Marcela Lopez, utilizes her background in engineering along with her corporate experience to help others discover their dream job and find a company that is the right fit for them.

When Marcela Lopez moved to the United States from Colombia at age 9, she had big dreams; even if she didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do, she did know that she would want to start her own company one day. Marcela was born and raised in Colombia and learned her trait of great resilience from her parents’ example. Her mother grew up poor in a family of fourteen, however, she defied all odds, stereotypes and worked hard to put herself through school to earn her Master’s Degree. Marcela’s mom was able to establish a career and help her family rise out of poverty and into the upper-class lifestyle, but still, life was not easy in Colombia. Marcela and her family grew up in a world where Guerilla Warfare and Pablo Escobar were prevalent. Her own father was shot and fell into a coma for several months. Once her father recovered and was able to leave the hospital, her parents made the decision to make the move to the US for a new life. Leaving behind her mom, as she was the breadwinner, Marcela, her dad, and her sisters moved in hopes of the American dream.

The journey wasn’t always easy, going through school while learning English as a second language would be difficult for anyone, but Marcela rose to the challenge, going on to get her degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida. Upon graduating, Marcela worked with multiple fortune 500 companies, and while the compensation was alluring, her work place environment was anything but. After experiencing discrimination and mistreatment at the hands of her final team lead, Marcela decided to leave her high paying job and embark on her own. Although her early career days were difficult, she emerged with a greater understanding of how large companies worked, and how to navigate the corporate world for better earnings and better networking opportunities. 

Over the years, Marcela had naturally gravitated towards helping her peers and fellow alumni explore career paths and get hired. Her experience in the corporate world coupled with her background in engineering gave her a keen understanding of what both companies and candidates are looking for during the hiring experience. In late 2017, Marcela took a leap and launched her company, Job Platform, a recruiting and consulting agency dedicated to helping engineers land their dream job with their dream compensation, in less than 60 days. It is one of the world’s leading systems in bridging the gap between people who have been let go or who are struggling to find a job and their perfect dream career. Marcela is a peoples’ advocate in terms of going beyond just fitting them into an opportunity by also advising the companies as to why that individual is their dream employee. Her legacy is to revolutionize the concept of the job market and opportunity within, starting with the engineering field and going on and beyond into other fields.

Today, Marcela has helped more than 200 engineers and technical professionals take their careers to the next level. Her clients range from entry level executives and recent grads all the way to seasoned industry experts who are looking to either elevate their position or transition into a new field. Marcela works with people all over the United States, with the criteria that her clients be motivated, dedicated, and ready to succeed or make the changes necessary to level up. Even during the pandemic of COVID-19, she has helped clients land their dream roles with a time record of just five days to acquire their desired job role.

Marcela differs from recruiters in that she does not work for the companies, but rather the candidates. When a recruiter’s main client is the company they can often focus far too little on the candidate they are working with and place them into a role that might not be the best fit, simply because it’s convenient for them or the company they are contracted by. This leads to job dis-satisfaction and rapid burnout of the candidate. 

Marcela is on a mission to innovate the recruiting industry globally. Rather than force a candidate into a career that might only last a few months, Marcela actually listens to her client’s needs and dreams to find a role that will allow them to develop their skills, be fulfilled, and grow both professionally and personally. From there, she prescribes them with a customized roadmap to land their dream role. Although each dream role is different, Marcela has sustained a success rate of 98%.  

Recruiting operations should be a fine balance between the individual providing major benefits to the company and the company offering gratification and growth opportunities to the candidate. She is determined to help people achieve their goals in the corporate world, shifting from being jobless to thriving into their ideal role. 

The strategies and methods that Marcela has expertly implemented within Job Platform have been carefully formatted, tested, and honed to achieve maximum results with her clients. Still though, Marcela is constantly analyzing and pivoting to adapt to new industry trends. She doesn’t just match her clients with a job, rather she teaches them the importance of networking, relationships, and mindset to be able to take the next step in their career and continue to do so over the years to come. 

“Mindset, determination, and motivation are the key to success,” says Marcela. She is thrilled with the impact she’s had with her clients but she wants to take it to the next level. Presently, she is working on a course that will allow her to reach even more people to show them how to succeed and discover their dream career as a top 1% candidate. While she and her team will continue to work one-on-one with clients, Marcela dreams of being able to help as many clients as possible.

As an influencer and visionary, Marcela is dedicated to equipping, establishing and educating clients to get into a career, land their dream job, and get to the next level, all at an accelerated pace. If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, there is no better option than Job Platform to first discover your dream and then achieve it. 

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