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How Retirement Education Can Make All the Difference

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How Retirement Education Can Make All the Difference

October 02
21:30 2020

After a quick scroll through recent headlines, it is clear that the US faces a major retirement crisis. 

For pre-retirees and retirees, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the relentless stream of news regarding the financial world. Being bombarded with clickbait and opposing views, one may wonder where to turn. 

Canter Wealth, a boutique investment management and financial planning firm located in San Diego, California, uses comprehensive advice and an integrated approach to help clients all over the nation prepare for a brighter financial future.

The business model is simple, knowledge is power. 

“Pardon the cliché, but it’s true,” says Megan Costigan, Partner and Canter’s Marketing Director in charge of their financial literacy campaign. 

Sadly, the financial industry is often known for being fraught with conflicts of interests, the sale of high commissioned products, and a lack of holistic financial planning. 

“The more you know, the better your odds of success,” says Costigan.

When California Native, Andrew Canter founded Canter Companiesover a decade ago, he started by acquiring distressed properties while real estate was at an all-time low. 

“I saw an opportunity for us to buy homes, fix them up, and make a profit,” he says. 

He started with one and did most of the work himself. Over the next few years, he bought and sold over a thousand properties throughout California and the United States. Canter soon realized he can offer a better client experience by continuing to build out a variety of services in the real estate vertical. From multi-family development projects, to venture deals, the business model evolved over the years and culminated with the idea of Canter Wealth. 

“What I noticed,” says Canter, “was that our clients were lacking an integrated approach. We needed a quarterback to coordinate the various aspects of someone’s financial household – real estate, tax planning, investment management, cash flows, estate planning, risk management… the works.” 

The team at Canter Wealth is dedicated to providing investors peace of mind, now more than ever. In the midst of these uncertain times, Canter Wealth offers Tax & Retirement Education classes, enabling investors to focus on what’s important and to drown out media noise that can cause panicked buying and selling. Previously hosted at colleges and universities, the two-day class is now offered online. And the demand is there. Over 4 million people have attended the course and other financial education classes developed by their seminar publisher.

Canter Wealth believes that building a solid education around finances can make all the difference. 

“Just by making a few small changes, one can increase their retirement readiness without reducing their standard of living. But it all starts with knowing where to begin,” says Ms. Costigan. 

“The idea is to help empower people by providing a lot of great information… with no obligation,” says Managing Partner, Babak Gahvari. 

Canter Wealth has experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and it’s because the entire team walks the same path. They all believe in the same foundational concepts and are working towards the same goal. From their financial advisors to their operations and portfolio management, providing unbiased information is the key to their success. 

“We’ve got an amazing team and we are lucky to have that” says Gahvari, “across the board, every member of the firm believes in the same goal – follow the golden rule.” 

Many businesses focus a large chunk of their time, money, and effort on prospecting potential clients. In contrast, Canter Wealth volunteers their time, teaching 3-6 hour retirement planning courses and offering 1-2 meeting financial checkups with no fees, minimums, or pre-screenings, and yet, have still been able to grow and be profitable as a company. 

“We want to put good energy out into the universe,” says Gahvari, “it’s just the right thing to do.” Ms. Costigan agrees, “We are fiduciaries to the public; the rest will come naturally,” she says. 

The checkups they provide are pretty in depth to say the least. It’s more than just a snapshot of your investments. Advisors at Canter Wealth spend their time reviewing your tax strategy, fees, risk exposure, pensions, Social Security, stocks, bonds, and of course real estate. Real estate being a key differentiator. Where many traditional financial advisors have little or no background in the field, at Canter Wealth, it’s in their DNA. 

“Whether in class or during a complimentary checkup, we want to provide people with plenty of good information that will allow them to make a well-informed decision,” says Gahvari and Costigan. 

They believe that is the key to their success. 

At the end of the checkup, some people take the information and implement themselves, others ask for help – “either is a great outcome… as long as they do something and take steps towards their financial well-being. That is our collective goal as a firm.” 

To access your complimentary financial checkup, visit or call 858-812-7550. If you are interested in attending the online retirement class, visit or call 858-812-7545. 

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