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The Mechanical Robot ‘Quincy’ Might Revolutionize Kid’s Learning Experience

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The Mechanical Robot ‘Quincy’ Might Revolutionize Kid’s Learning Experience

October 12
20:39 2020
‘Quincy’ is a mechanical robot developed by Quincytoldme Inc. that might revolutionize the way kids learn spellings, maths, and drawing.

Montreal, Canada – Quincytoldme Inc. has launched its mechanical robot in the market that goes by the name ‘Quincy’. It can be used to teach spellings, maths, and drawing to kids above the age of three years. It is an interactive way of teaching the kids that will help them to learn quickly without getting bored or losing interest in the process.

Quincy is an intriguing mechanical robot that teaches children how to draw, spell, and count in a quick, easy, and fun way. This device covers a wide range of educational subjects and it interacts with the kids in a casual conversational manner. This helps the kids to feel at ease and focus on learning without any hesitation. When Quincy is put to use, children will quickly learn how to draw and spell common objects. The children can even ask Quincy math-related questions and it explains the solutions in a conversational way. Quincy can be used to help the children in sharpening their artistic, grammatical, and mathematical skills by scanning the different labels that are bundled with the mechanical robot in the box. Quincy creates a friendly atmosphere for the kids to learn grammar and mathematics by having fun with the device. Quincy serves as a self-learning tool that encourages the kids to learn drawing, grammar, and mathematics while enjoying themselves.

According to Mafous Lala, “Quincy can be the most friendly teacher for the kids, as they can interact with the mechanical robot without hesitation. Children can learn while having fun with Quincy.” Mafous Lala also added, “We have developed Quincy based on AI technology that will revolutionize the learning experience of kids altogether. Parents can see it as an interactive toy for kids which has the ability to deliver lessons on art, spellings, and mathematics.”

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