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What inspection should be done before using the fuse holder

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What inspection should be done before using the fuse holder

October 12
17:48 2020

Automobile fuse holder is used to fuse device of a seat, used very widely, this demand people clearly in the choice of this equipment, the demand for what aspects of view, in order to ensure that this product in the process of use, can achieve a good use effect.

First, the appearance of the fuse holder in the use of a period of time, may appear some problems, so in the use of time, to often view it, about its appearance should be viewed first:

1. look at the appearance of the pin and the appearance of the position, there is no rust, perhaps deformation or broken foot condition.

2. Check the appearance for contaminants, perhaps scratches.

3. to see whether there is a deformation or crack and other conditions exist, in order to make it in the process of use, can ensure that it has an outstanding use, so it is necessary to ensure that the appearance is in line with the specification.

Second, function to check in order to ensure that fuse block has an outstanding use role, should be on some of its functions to check:

1. to use electric soldering iron to solder tin to the foot of the seat, see whether it can be welded, if not be welded, perhaps in the process of welding temporary area is too small, so it is likely to affect the use of the product.

2. can use fuse direct real outfit, if can be installed just go up, that clarifies its application effect is better, if presented too loose perhaps install the condition that does not go in, then clarify the product that chooses is not to accord with specification.

The 3rd, the scale of the product undertakes checking after buying fuse seat, want to check its shape and scale, see whether its scale and the scale that place provides on outer packing are consistent, if scale is inconsistent, can affect the application action of the product.In the purchase and use of fuse block, must be related to the aspects of the view, to ensure that the product can have outstanding use.

The above is the introduction of what to do before using the automobile fuse holder, I hope to have some help to you:

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