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When Fire Ants Invade, Homeowners Must Know How to Protect Their Lawn

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When Fire Ants Invade, Homeowners Must Know How to Protect Their Lawn

October 14
23:21 2020
When Fire Ants Invade, Homeowners Must Know How to Protect Their Lawn

Nearly everyone has heard about fire ants and the damage they can cause to both property and human beings. These troublesome insects are easy to identify with their tiny, reddish-brown bodies and the heaps they build all over a lawn at a home or business. They are very difficult to get rid of since they build their nests deep underground and will cover a large area. The thing to keep in mind is how to control them when they become a nuisance in someone’s yard or at a place of business where there is a lot of human traffic. This article will address what could be done.

What to Know About Fire Ants 

All fire ants are not the same, but some varieties are more troublesome than others, and NG Turf, a turfgrass company that knows about lawn pests, has some suggestions. The most common fire ant that people deal with within the United States is the Red Imported fire ant, and it is considered the worst of all the varieties. Ideally, it would be better if the fire ant beds could be prevented rather than having to deal with them after an infestation. However, since many people are not aware of a fire ant problem until they see the mounds, it is best to learn how to control them and protect the lawn.

What Doesn’t Work on the Lawn When There Are Fire Ants 

It is important to get a handle on a fire ant problem in a yard, as the fiery stings from which the ant gets its name can be life-threatening for some people and even pets. One of the tricks that do not work is pouring grits on the mound, which is supposed to make the ants explode when they eat the grits. Boiling water is another trick that is tried but doesn’t work because it does not get to the queen. The ants will just relocate to another area, so trying that method is futile.

What Works to Protect the Lawn from Fire Ants 

Homeowners who invest a lot of money into planting top-grade soil will not want their investment ruined by pests such as fire ants. For that reason, it is smart to invest in season-long lawn treatment care that will help to control the vermin that commonly invade the lawn and protect the lawn from them. Mound treatment works but the treatment doesn’t prevent other fire ants from colonizing and building nests there. At, the company offers premier-quality sod that homeowners will want to protect from creatures like fire ants.

Final Thoughts about Fire Ants and Protecting Your Good Soil 

Serious homeowners spend a lot of money to take care of their lawns to keep them looking good, and the last thing they need is to worry about their lawns being destroyed by fire ants. Companies like NG Turf in Georgia have been providing customers with quality soil and turf to help them keep their yards and lawns looking great. NG Turf has been in business since 1985 and has multiple farms throughout the State of Georgia. These lawns do not need to be subjected to the worrisome presence of fire ants. People who are interested in more information about them can visit their website,

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