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CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the Wimberley, Texas Area’s Foundation and Leveling Needs

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CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the Wimberley, Texas Area’s Foundation and Leveling Needs

October 16
17:39 2020
CenTex Foundation Repair Servicing the Wimberley, Texas Area's Foundation and Leveling Needs

The foundation is one of the most crucial elements of any building. If a concrete slab foundation becomes damaged, the entire building is in danger, and so are its occupants. It is imperative homeowners can recognize the signs of foundation damage so they will know when to contact the professionals at CenTex Foundation Repair. With prompt foundation repairs, homeowners can rest assured their home will not suffer further damage. 

Signs of Foundation Damage

Foundation damage can occur without warning, but it often shows signs as it begins to crumble or sink. Knowing the warning signs of foundation damage will allow homeowners to act before their home suffers major and expensive damage. The following are some of the common signs of foundation damage. 

  • Cracking is one of the most common signs of foundational damage. Cracks will typically occur in the foundation blocks, but can also happen inside the home or even on the outer walls. When cracking becomes a problem, it is important to have the foundation inspected. Homeowners can learn more by visiting

  • Foundation upheaval can happen and leads to a great amount of damage. When upheaval occurs, the foundation begins to shift upward, leaving the home teetering perilously. Prompt repairs are crucial for protecting the home from further damage.

  • Doors and windows that start to stick are also signs of foundation issues. The sticking occurs when the foundation shifts and changes the alignment of the door and window frames. Calling in the foundation repair experts is essential for successfully protecting the home.

  • When the floors of a home begin to sag, it is important to address the reasons the issues developed. Unless the interior floor and supports have become damaged, a sagging floor is most likely caused by a sinking foundation. This is a problem that should never be ignored because the issues and damage will only worsen.

  • It is also common for homeowners to notice their foundation starts to sink deeper into the ground. If a home’s foundation is slowly settling, this is a serious sign that requires immediate attention. Waiting too long to seek repairs could result in costly damage. 

How Are Foundations Repaired?

Multiple methods can be used to lift a foundation and secure it in place. Often, the sinking foundation is jacked up with special equipment, and supports are put in place. The method for repairing a home’s damaged foundation will vary based on the type of damage suffered. 

Homeowners who have discovered any of the above signs need to be aware of their options for repair. To learn more, visit With prompt repairs, homes can be saved from further devastating damage. Call today to learn more about how foundation damage can be repaired so homes are no longer sinking and experiencing damage that becomes increasingly difficult to repair. 

CenTex Foundation Repair is a company homeowners have relied on for all their foundation repair needs since 1992. They believe in upfront information, strong warranties, and offering homeowners great peace of mind.

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