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Munich-based LIFT YOUR VISION announces its global launch; unveils high fashion label LYV

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Munich-based LIFT YOUR VISION announces its global launch; unveils high fashion label LYV

October 25
23:21 2021
Unlike conventional portals, Munich-based gives consumers only a carefully selected number of products. In doing so, it positions itself as a new digital stylist for people with high visionary aspirations.

Dubbed as the world’s first lifestyle platform to believe in people and the power of their vision, LIFT YOUR VISION has announced its global launch in Munich, Germany, on October 21st alongside the unveiling of associated high fashion label LYV.

Nenad Miljkovic, a co-founder of LIFT YOUR VISION, said the global platform serves as a digital lifestyle boutique – a place where people can find inspiring stories, digital art, limited edition hand-picked products, and experiences.

“Unlike conventional portals, only gives consumers a carefully selected number of products, and in doing so, positions itself as a new digital stylist for people with high visionary aspirations,” says Nenad. 

Nenad says believes that people with vision have the power to change the world, and the global platform needs them more than ever today.

“We want to unite visionaries, creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs from every sector to create a community that has a unique impact on our society,” adds Nenad. has unveiled a powerful and immersive community that features inspiring stories, collaborative limited edition products, exclusive designs, and carefully selected products made by global premium and luxury brands in the fields of fashion, automotive, watches, jewelry, and technology. These selected, curated products will be presented at regular intervals in “worlds” as opposed to conventional collections. 

The digital lifestyle boutique also showcases the new high fashion label LYV. It boasts exclusive collaborations with visionary artists and brings their artworks into its own collections. Nenad says Superstretch makes the garments comfortable to wear, ensuring that every piece in the collection is a pleasure to put on.

“Our own high fashion label LYV is for anybody who wishes to give visual expression to their visionary power,” stressed Nenad. In the collection, ready-to-wear clothing with soft silhouettes meets soft workmanship, natural shoulder shapes, and modern cuts. 

By combining its own label with artists, selected partner brands, and, soon, digital products, the digital lifestyle boutique has come up with a slogan, ‘We do lifestyle clickable,’ adds Nicklas Reichert, co-founder, and managing director. LYV will be available exclusively at

The first world, Future City Individuals, will contain over 40 LYV products ranging from coats, smart and sports jackets, knitwear, trousers, and sweatshirts to shirts and T-shirts. 

There are also curated partner products from brands like Rolex, Filling Pieces, La Bruket, Lichtraumfunktion, Polite Worldwide, and Fatzke, the last of which manufactures modern, hand-made hats. All of these products are strictly limited to small numbers. 

In just a few clicks, customers can not only create an entire look, but they can also purchase the world’s entire lifestyle. 

“The next worlds are already being planned, and LIFT YOUR VISION will soon be presenting digital artworks and digital fashion as well,” adds Nicklas.

Those who want to learn more about and the high fashion label LYV may visit the website for more information.

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