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Ultimate Tango School of Dance Launches Exclusive Online Summit Led by Today’s Top Tango Experts

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Ultimate Tango School of Dance Launches Exclusive Online Summit Led by Today’s Top Tango Experts

January 10
23:15 2022
The summit gathers 23 experts from around the globe to share the secrets of tango.

Ultimate Tango School of Dance hosts online Tango Secrets Summit on January 18–20, 2022. The summit aims to show participants that tango is not only about the dance steps but also about the philosophy and way of life. They will dive deep into the fascinating history and the stories that define tango and experience its alluring appeal. They will also learn the secrets seldom shared by tango instructors that help them use tango to heal and grow.

Notable personalities in tango have great things to say about the event.

Batt Johnson, author of “Tango Intoxication,” says, “If you’re remotely interested in tango, you must check this out!”

Pablo Gomez from UniversiTango shares, “Would you listen to 1,700 songs to define common tango endings? My friend Steve Darmo did! And during Tango Secrets Summit, he is sharing his process to the discovery and his ‘why’ behind it. I callhim crazy, but, honestly, we all are. That’s why tango magnetizes us.”

Gabriel Folques, author of “Last Tablas del Tango,” says, “Tango reached me because of its depth.”

Tango Secrets Summit won’t teach dance (although online classes are made available), but it will give people the foundational knowledge needed to immerse themselves in the world of tango. They will become an insider to the language, mindsets, and culture surrounding this fascinating dance. Beyond the dance steps, participants will learn the fundamental mindsets, philosophies and practices that will help them understand the whole culture of tango with ease.

The following are some of the interviews participants can expect for this year’s summit:

• “Tango Therapy: How Tango Will Change Your Life” with Igor Zabuta and Emma Kologrivova
• “In Search of Lightness. All In One Step: Understand the Tango Walk” with Giorgio Gaggiotti
• “Tango Partner and Tangofulness: Share the Tango. Heal with Tango” with Dimitrius Bronowski
• “The Meaning of Tango Embrace. Infinite Circle of Fulfillment: Tango Teaching and Tango Creating” with Sabrina and Ruben Veliz
• “Tango Intoxication: We All Have Our Stories” with Batt Johnson
• “Tango Flow: You Always Had the Power to Being You. Just Find It” with Eleonora Kalganova

The participant can expect talks on seldom shared tango philosophy, research, stories and histories on day one. They will learn the secrets of tango structure, methodology and technique on day two. Finally, they will discover tango improvisation, feelings and sensations on day three.

The Tango Secrets Summit is a gathering of epic proportions. The internet made sharing tango so much easier. And — statistically proven — open-source sharing prompts much faster evolution. This summit helps share the tango, passing it on and helping it evolve, spread and be understood.

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Ultimate Tango School of Dance is the organizer of the Tango Secrets Summit on January 18–20, 2022.

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