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Why Driving Under the Influence Charges Require Specialist Legal Support

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Why Driving Under the Influence Charges Require Specialist Legal Support

September 26
18:08 2019

Driving under the influence (DUI) of drink and/or drugs is a serious offence, particularly because of the potential outcomes. A vehicle accident related to this offence can result in extreme injury or worse, death, and it is important to be aware of what the law states is an acceptable state in which to drive.

Being convicted of a DUI offence carries with it a serious blight on a driver’s reputation. It rightly has a stigma that suggests irresponsible, selfish and reckless behavior, and sends a message to others that the driver prioritizes partying and self-indulgence over the safety and wellbeing of others.

It is precisely because of these extreme consequences that anyone charged with a DUI offence needs to have reliable, experienced legal support. The ramifications of a successful conviction are potentially life-changing, so it is important to mount the strongest possible defence and be assured on whether the case has any merit – mistakes can be made and a DUI charge does not mean automatic guilt or that the punishment should be equally harsh for all perpetrators.

Steven Kellis is a specialist Philadelphia, PA DUI attorney who has extensive expertise across all aspects of the DUI field. Built on in-depth knowledge of specific DUI laws in Pennsylvania. The Steven Kellis law office focus on building defence cases in a number of areas and case types. This includes the niche area of BUI – boating under the influence – where laws have existed in Pennsylvania since 1985 that cover all water-based vehicles such as canoes and row boats. The Fish and Boat Commission quotes a law that makes it illegal to operate any watercraft while under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance.

DUI accidents are another important area of this law, mainly because of the other charges they can attract. These include aggravated assault while under the influence, and homicide while under the influence, and because of the usual seriousness of DUI accidents, they usually attract enhanced sentences and increased penalties. A felony DUI injury charge may also follow and penalties can involve jail time or loss of a driving license.

Other areas of DUI law that the Steven Kellis law office can assist with are extreme DUI, where there is a very high level of blood alcohol and there have been injuries or vehicular/building damage; first, second and third offences, the penalties for which can vary depending on the rate of blood alcohol in the driver’s system; out of state DUI, where the offence takes place outside Pennsylvania and therefore may be treated differently according to the applicable state laws; and underage DUI, which also carries strict penalties, partly down to minors breaking separate laws on underage drinking.

The Steven Kellis law office takes a dedicated approach to winning acquittals for all its clients who are charged with DUI offences. Because of the reputational damage and strict penalties involved, Steven Kellis assess all aspects of a client’s case, looking at whether the police officer had reasonable suspicion for pulling over the driver and probable cause of issuing the arrest, and whether the breath test machine was properly calibrated and the operator fully certified.

About Steven Kellis

The Steven Kellis Law Office is based in Philadelphia and specializes in all areas of law relating to DUI offences. Steven Kellis himself has 20 years of experience in the field of DUI law and is a former Senior Assistant District Attorney, and offers a free initial consultation for new clients. His website is at

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