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How Multiple Areas of Expertise in Law Helps Cover a Range of Challenging Issues

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How Multiple Areas of Expertise in Law Helps Cover a Range of Challenging Issues

September 26
18:10 2019

Law is a complex industry and with so many specialist areas to focus on, there can be difficult consequences of not enlisting assistance from the right level of expertise. In family law matters, for example, there is usually pain and anxiety associated with tough emotional situations such as divorce and child custody. Angry confrontations and unpleasant, bitter behavior can be the hallmarks of such circumstances and it is where an experienced lawyer can make the difference.

Another emotionally challenging area of law is medical malpractice, where there may have been life-changing injuries or even a greater tragedy as a result of clinical negligence. In such situations, claimants will invariably be up against the legal muscle of big health organizations – meaning it can pay off to have the support of an equally powerful lawyer.

The Susan Lax Law Office is a law practice that specializes in many areas such as family law, guardianship law and personal injury law. They also have expertise in areas such as bankruptcy law, estate planning and trust administration, which are also areas of law where there can be dire consequences – in these cases, financial – if due process is not followed. In matters of financial law it can also be easy to miss the small print.

Missed mortgage payments, default notices and foreclosure notices have been a near-constant series of issues since the financial crisis of 2008. The legal team of Susan Lax works within bankruptcy law to find ways of dealing with debts that have become insurmountable. This can involve a range of options, such as filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies, avoiding foreclosures such as arranging a short sale or refinancing a mortgage, and wage garnishments, where an employer is forced by a court order to send portions of a pay check direct to a debtor.

Handling wills and deciding on how to divide up an estate after death is also a complex financial matter, and one that has its share of emotional weight. Dealing with family members who may feel entitled to a share, and assessing their claims and eligibility, is time-consuming and complicated, and can have an impact on long-standing personal relationships. The Susan Lax Law Office is experienced in various areas of estate planning and trust administration, including handling issues associated with wills, power of attorney and guardianships.

Family law often features difficult sets of circumstances and they have a high potential for emotional conflict and long-lasting damage, both to parents and particularly children. Parental conflict can sometimes lead to children feeling they are being forced to choose sides, which can then have the effect of causing the child to reject one parent in the long-term. Susan Lax’ focus is on avoiding conflict wherever possible, leaning towards the achievement of a resolution that works for everyone.

Areas of family law that the Susan Lax Law Office covers includes divorce/dissolution of marriage, separation agreement, shared parenting plans, spousal support, child support, modification of spousal support, post decree matters (such as contempt), child custody/visitation, paternity, grandparent rights and prenuptial agreements. Another emotionally sensitive area of law handled by Susan Lax is juvenile law, including dealing with delinquency cases and handling matters associated with dependency, neglect and abuse.

About Susan Lax Law

Based in Akron, Ohio, Susan Lax is an attorney specializing in a range of areas such as bankruptcy law, family law and medical malpractice. A former registered nurse, Susan Lax has practiced law for over 29 years and is licensed to practice in Ohio, Oregon and New Jersey.  

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