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The new fantasy game takes the player in an underworld arena filled with unique creatures

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The new fantasy game takes the player in an underworld arena filled with unique creatures

September 26
18:20 2019

All science fiction and fantasy lovers will be delighted to know that this new game is ready to take them into a journey beyond reality. ‘Beyond the Underworld’ is a newly launched game on Kickstarter that is centered around a girl who discovers she isn’t in a normal world anymore and that she isn’t exactly human either. The player will experience the game from the girl’s perspective as she explores a surreal reality where spirits take form of glowing insects like butterflies, moths and dragonflies, each with their own personality trait.

In this fantasy world, the Butterflies are playful and in a constant state of euphoria and eagerness to have fun, they are often found in groups; the moths are calm and in a peaceful state of mind, they prefer calmly flying through this world; and the Dragonflies are curious with an eagerness to explore, they are found in many areas often going through each section. But the underworld is not just full of spirits but also has its own wildlife with creatures like Jellyfish, Hummingbirds and Pedal Creatures.

The game will enable the players to engage with the spirits of this world, explore the unique plant life of each section, experience the strange reality in this version of the afterlife, find and restore lost spirits and find out the reasoning why you are here. The player is set for an adventurous and exciting journey as they discover the unique ecosystem of the underworld. It’s a truly unique game that will be especially loved by those who’re curious about things beyond science and facts.

Andreas Dilling, the creator of ‘Beyond the Underworld’ has worked to make this game feel rich and unique. His love for ‘journey style’ games has inspired him to create this game. Talking about his new game, Dilling says, “Reality is something we are all used to, same color trees, same animals, same world. So I wanted to create a world where almost everything has a unique twist on it; blue grass, glowing insect spirits, new ecosystem, and more.”

He launched the Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $1200 to cover the cost of further improvements and development of the game. The backers who support the campaign have the chance to get early access to this exciting game.

Find more information on the Kickstarter campaign page.

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