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Five Benefits of Walk In Tubs Kansas City Seniors Will Love According to

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Five Benefits of Walk In Tubs Kansas City Seniors Will Love According to

September 18
05:30 2020
Five Benefits of Walk In Tubs Kansas City Seniors Will Love According to

Just about anyone who has seen an infomercial or read a magazine has likely been exposed to advertisements for walk-in bathtubs. These products are an excellent investment for older consumers with current mobility problems or concerns that they may eventually have problems getting around the home. Read on to find out why.

Easy Access

Those with compromised mobility need to make changes around the home to ensure their safety, and according to, bathrooms are the best place to start. Getting in and out of walk-in tubs is much easier. Bathers can use walkers, scooters, or even wheelchairs to simplify the process, and they don’t have to worry about falling. All of the 10 Best Walk-In Tubs in Kansas City are good options for mobility-limited seniors. That means beyond the practical concerns that motivate the switch to a walk-in tub, seniors can also take advantage of aesthetic benefits by choosing models that suit their bathrooms perfectly.

Plenty of Options

They can also take advantage of customizable options like built-in seats, whirlpool jets, or safety features. Just make sure to work with a company like Bordner Home Improvement that specializes in installing these tubs and mobility aids.

Improved Hygiene

As older adults start having difficulty getting in and out of traditional bathtubs, their personal hygiene often suffers. When bathing becomes a hassle, it may feel easier to just take birdbaths. That leaves seniors prone to skin irritation, though, and can be dangerous for anyone who has open wounds. Maintaining personal hygiene is very important, and Kansas City seniors deserve to have access to the mobility aids required to make it easy to do so. Local seniors can click here to learn how to have a new walk-in tub installed in their homes.

Avoid Slips and Falls

Bathrooms are the most common location of serious slips and falls. Research shows that seniors who fall in the bathroom are also twice as likely to injure themselves. Installing a walk-in tub is a great way to prevent slips and falls and the potentially serious injuries that often result from them.

The average cost for a slip and fall injury that requires hospitalization in America is $35,000. That statistic only takes into account the cost of care. When seniors consider not just the out-of-pocket expenses associated with serious falls, but also how they will negatively impact their quality of life moving forward, it’s clear to see that a walk-in tub is an excellent investment.

Impressive Versatility

Those who have never used a walk-in tub may not realize that these tubs can also be operated as a stand-up or sit-down showers. That’s very convenient for multi-generational households. Younger residents can use the tub just like they would a normal shower, and seniors can either take seated showers or soak in a deep, luxurious bath without having to worry about getting over the lip of the tub.

Walk-in tubs may cost a bit more than their traditional alternatives, but they’re worth the money. They’re safer, more convenient, and versatile enough to fit any family’s needs. Start looking into options today.

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