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Rae Serbeck the Dreamer Reaches a Wider Audience as He Takes on Modeling and Launches Own Fashion

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Rae Serbeck the Dreamer Reaches a Wider Audience as He Takes on Modeling and Launches Own Fashion

April 09
01:00 2021
Rae Serbeck the Dreamer Reaches a Wider Audience as He Takes on Modeling and Launches Own Fashion

Dreams are meant to be chased. One of the main reasons why some dreams remain to be a dream after the passing of a lifetime because some don’t chase their dreams and grab opportunities to achieve success. Some do not even work hard to at least try.  Dreams seem to be an ideal aspiration that is impossible to achieve. It seems to be a destination that people will never be able to arrive at. While many people live their life having their dreams remain to be a dream, Rae Serbeck is a living example that dreams do come true. With hard work, determination, and persistence, will be able to eventually arrive at one’s desired destination. 

Rae Serbeck is a successful model, writer, and entrepreneur. Despite having no experience back in 2017, he tried out for a Runway Male Modeling position with a Utah Fashion Show run by L.A. Talent with his best friend. Having been unexpectedly picked and realizing that he has what it takes to be a model, he continued pursuing different modeling gigs. Soon after, Rae Serbeck flourished in freelancing which made him decide to dive into freelance modeling fully.

He started to get full-time jobs. Having more pieces of clothing to model, building up his contacts, and having worked for more companies, Rae Serbeck widened his network and established his name in the modeling industry. He has been moving steps towards his personal summit, and little did he know that this career growth is only the start of greater success.

By late January of 2020, Rae Serbeck was hired by Robbie Tripp for his Music Video Luka Docic. He was then published twice in the National Magazine Rising Model Magazine and got his first cover model issue with the local Utah Magazine Inspire. His career continued to grow when he was published in the Elixir International magazine owned by Mitch Royel. By this time, he was not just a model; he was also able to show his talent in writing.

Through various modelling experiences, Rae Serbeck was able to develop the skills and qualities necessary in building his own brand. He was able to develop an eye for fashion, which is what he utilizes in building his own brand, the Witness Me Clothing. After several ups and downs throughout his journey, Rae Serbeck was able to find his purpose, which intensified his desire to be more successful. 

Pursuing his passion and sharing the success that he is already enjoying, Rae Serbeck aims to show companies and modeling publication magazines how much he loves his career. This love and passion and paved the way for him to excel in the field. He also hopes to attract individuals and business owners to help out with charities through his clothing company. 

Rae Serbeck is a successful individual who started from the bottom to achieve his success. He persisted, worked hard, and strived to be able to live on his dreams, and his endless perseverance to this goal proved to him that dreams do come true. Because of this, he lives his life not just for himself but also for other people who are dreaming of a better life.

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