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Premlink Provides the Top Options in the Optical Transmission Industry Even After 25 Years of Service

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Premlink Provides the Top Options in the Optical Transmission Industry Even After 25 Years of Service

June 25
17:24 2021

The knowledge and expertise that goes into the development of integrators, distributors and operators is vital in determining the quality of the product. This is why it is imperative for one to carefully assess each manufacturer to ensure that they are getting the best possible service.

One name that is often recommended when it comes to the manufacturing of PON EDFA and RFoG ONU is Premlink. The company provides customers with a large array of products and services. This is made possible by their massive scale as a company. Employing over 170 employees in an area that encompasses over 15,000 square meters, the company has managed to remain one of the largest businesses currently available for this kind of work. Through this consistent focus on providing high-quality products, they have made a name for themselves and remained a premier provider of the PON optical receiver for over 25 years.

Much of their success comes from their team of exceptional engineers who have the experience and knowledge needed to create industry-leading technology. This is especially true when it comes to the designing of complex fiber optic and electronic circuits. Their experience in the field has made them a renowned option that many people consider as their top choice.

Premlink plans to continue offering their premium services at an affordable cost to all their customers. As the market’s leading provider of EYDFA products, they realize that they have a high standard and customer expectations to meet. And their goal has always been to meet those expectations successfully. They believe that their low prices and vast experiences undoubtedly play a major role in allowing them to not only meet but also surpass the quality that their customers expect from them. With this in mind, they boldly plan for the future with the mindset to surpass their own heights and standards.

About Premlink:

Premlink, a leading manufacturer of CATV optical transmission equipment, has 170 excellent employees and 11,000M2 land with 3 buildings. Their expenditures have been increasing on new production equipment, precision testing instruments and quality control system.

Premlink is currently comprised of many experienced engineers, technicians and workers. The engineer team allows Premlink to perform at a higher level. Most engineers has over 15 years’ experience designing complex fiber optic and electronic circuits. Their technical support and sales personnel have over 10 years’ experience working in CATV networks.

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