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iDrip Therapy Expands Mobile Intravenous Therapy Service Across Phoenix Arizona

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iDrip Therapy Expands Mobile Intravenous Therapy Service Across Phoenix Arizona

October 14
06:30 2021
iDrip Therapy Expands Mobile Intravenous Therapy Service Across Phoenix Arizona

October 13, 2021 – iDrip Therapy has announced the expansion of its mobile IV therapy service across Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding cities. The mobile IV therapy company delivers the benefits of hydration infusion therapy directly to individuals and groups at their convenience and choice locations. 

Revealing that it currently has 17 registered nurses (RNs) under its employment administering IV vitamin therapy, B12 Shots, and Fat Burner Shots, the company has promised to hire new RNs every week. This it says will enable it to meet the growing demand for its services and also easily expand into other cities.

Boasting of being one of the most affordable options available as regards the quality of service it readers, iDrip also offers its customers a premium package titled iDrip Prime that completely absolves them from charges for in-home visits or travel time. Repeat monthly customers also get discounts from iDrip Prime.

“Not very many people know that you can pick up the phone and call someone to come directly to you and give you an IV with high-dose vitamins and minerals! iDrip Therapy is a growing mobile IV therapy business in Phoenix, AZ with RNs on standby to provide mobile IV vitamin services at your home, work, or special event!”

According to the company, the benefits of intravenous therapy include; increased wellness, illness prevention, rapid hangover relief, enhanced beauty, and improved athletic recovery. 

Although traditionally used for aiding patients undergoing cancer treatment, IV therapy is now more commonly used for supplementing nutrients directly into the bloodstream, and the experts at iDrip promise that this provides quick and efficient results.

The company assures customers that their wellness and comfort are its top priority. And promises that its team of experienced registered nurses and medics with highly advanced skills in IV insertion, provide the best service and utilize small delicate needles to guarantee a virtually pain-free experience.

iDrip Therapy maintains that its proprietary formulations are carefully infused to deliver clients custom wellness packages targeting their specific needs. 

Depending on their preference, interested clients can log on to the company’s website to choose from a range of options which include immunity and wellness booster, instant energy infusion blend, and the Max Strength Myer’s Cocktail which the company touts as its strongest custom blend.

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