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Soul Healer & Mystic Laura Scott Guides Individuals’ Soul Journeys While Stirring Their Ancient Stardust

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Soul Healer & Mystic Laura Scott Guides Individuals’ Soul Journeys While Stirring Their Ancient Stardust

October 14
06:54 2021
Understanding the soul’s path, plan and purpose is a life-changing revelation.

There are some who are more in tune with their spiritual facets and super powers than most. People like Healer, Channel, Mystic & Soul Specialist Laura Scott who’s near 30 year career celebrates the interconnection “…we’re all made of ancient stardust.”

Likewise, there are others who desire to be more connected with mystical sources. These individuals wish they could know more about who they are as a soul. They are looking for the right, reputable person to safely guide them to new perspectives and help set them free of the energetic bonds of their past. When they decide to take this life-changing journey, Laura Scott is ready to expertly guide them.

A reading with Ms. Scott is a powerful way to get answers and reconnect with more of your soul’s life plan. She is a way-shower — an accomplished soul specialist, mystic and energy-healing channel. She is a super empath and super psychic — renowned for her in-depth access to the mystic. This wise woman healer and energy maven loves decoding people’s Akashic record work and empowering her clients.

The healer has helped people around the globe seeking an experienced and respected source for healing, clarity and wisdom. Her clients are people with burning spiritual questions, and they come from all walks of life — caregivers, celebrities, professionals, politicians, CEOs, parents, empaths, elders, therapists, athletes, college students, retirees and more. She’s the expert author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Divining the Future, and award winning meditations.

For almost 30 years, Laura Scott has assisted thousands of clients in their personal soul work. She has experienced and seen a lot of things. She is a survivor and a thriver — mystically wiser than her years — overflowing with compassion for others.

The mystic-soul specialist helps her clients to understand how to make choices that will improve and raise their energy flow, so they are clear to level up. She also enlightens them about which universal laws are essential to their souls’ success and the best paths to navigate on their upcoming choices for optimum outcomes.

“As a soul specialist, I can look deeper and further so that you’re able to navigate better. I help a lot of empathic professionals and leaders around the globe to level up. Clients call my work invaluable and life-changing,” stated Scott.

Scott helps her clients realize why they have chosen the people in their life, including the more difficult ones. Through her guidance, they can determine when to avoid energy entanglements and know how to spot their healthier alignments. They are shown ways that Lightworkers and Empaths can embrace their strengths and boost their intuition.

Laura Scott and her work at Ancient Stardust reveal what helps individuals heal emotionally, physically and spiritually as well as deeper spiritual meanings of their souls’ path, relationships and circumstances… All while stirring and inspiring the ancient stardust we all have within.

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About Laura Scott | Ancient Stardust

Laura Scott is a renowned Channel, Healer, Mystic and Soul Specialist of nearly 30 years who has helped thousands of empaths and leaders to level up, heal and thrive.

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