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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Among Top Fast Home Updates

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Among Top Fast Home Updates

July 29
20:42 2022

The booming home market has everyone looking for ways to improve and increase a home’s value. It’s no surprise with prices being at nearly record highs. Predictably, this will change in the coming years, so homeowners are looking to do everything possible to make quick and easy improvements before selling at top dollar. Buying a home with hardwood floors is a fantastic investment. However, it will not help the resale value if the floors aren’t maintained. Hardwood floors take care and maintenance. One thing that should be done when planning to sell is having those hardwood floors refinished.

Hardwood flooring is among the longest-lasting flooring used these days. It can handle decades of typical family abuse if it is treated appropriately. That’s why it’s become one of the top choices for homeowners, especially those who want to add value to a home. For those who have purchased a home with existing hardwood flooring and want to ensure that the value is maintained, the first step is refinishing.

Refinishing is a way to regenerate the shiny new look of hardwood flooring. It doesn’t do anything structurally to the hardwood, but it does incredible things for the look of a room. Hardwoods with wear can become dull; they get minor surface scratches. Every time someone moves a chair or walks across the room, micro-abrasive materials eventually wear through the original surfacing. Even the most careful of homeowners find that the surface of the hardwood floor wears down over time.

That’s where the experts comes in. This type of project is not something even those experienced in-home repair should tackle. Floor refinishing combines taking the surface layer off and applying a new one. The surface layer on hardwood flooring can consist of a combination of stains and epoxies that throw large quantities of dust into the air when sanded off. Professionals know what equipment is necessary to protect from those dangers. Then when a new surface is done, the chemicals can produce immense fumes that are dangerous if not handled correctly. Aside from the physical risks, getting a flooring surface right is a practiced and trained skill. Even dust particles or animal hair can be problematic during a refinishing project.

Refinishing also allows homeowners to update the look of hardwood floors. The surface layer is removed; therefore, it can be stained during the process and change the entire look of a room. As trends in the home décor industry change often, this is the perfect time for homeowners to get an updated look that will entice new home buyers.

As homeowners look to beat the soon-to-burst bubble, they seek fast, easy-to-perform, and affordable updates to get the most value out of a home. Refinishing is one of the easiest projects that can be done to improve the look of a hardwood floor home.

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