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Simplifying Sales Processes through Walnut’s Cutting-Edge New Product Suite

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Simplifying Sales Processes through Walnut’s Cutting-Edge New Product Suite

September 22
12:06 2022

When exploring SaaS products, buyers don’t necessarily know what the product value is until around the tenth meeting. Customers usually go through endless cycles and tedious stages of pre-sales, SDRs, and AEs, yet end up with a generic demo like any other prospect, often leading to poor profits and unhappy customers. As the market continuously evolves, the need for B2B sales disruption is becoming increasingly apparent. Walnut, the world’s first and leading sales experience platform, plans to revolutionize the sales industry with its latest product suite – Walnut Beyond Demos.

Walnut Beyond Demos aims to provide sales and marketing teams access to unprecedented data to help them efficiently analyze, assess, and predict buyer behavior throughout the sales process. What’s more, this cutting-edge sales platform provides on-demo communication tools, enabling reps to respond to their prospects’ needs in real-time. Not only does this enhance accuracy, but this also increases the chances of conversion.

Real-Time Interaction

Walnut Beyond Demos enables sales reps to respond to prospects in real-time, immediately addressing their needs, questions, and concerns. This feature offers two exceptional benefits: a) it allows salespeople to customize their demonstration tailored to the prospect’s needs and requirements, and b) it yields profitability – more prospects served, higher chances of value returns. On the customer’s side, it creates an engaging, personalized experience that’s fast, efficient, and cost-effective. They immediately get what they need to know at a fraction of the time that obsolete sales models offer.

Data-Driven Feedback

Sales reps rely on reception to improve, adjust, and reshape their interaction tactics for more successful future demonstrations. With Beyond Demos’ automatic engagement score feature, they’re fully given data-driven feedback that allows them to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Through this, salespeople can gear up and prepare for their next prospect, knowing exactly what to do.

Visual Flow Analysis

Beyond Demos’ best feature that salespeople can take advantage of is its visual flow analysis. This allows reps to see how their prospects click through during demos, the time spent on pages, and the features that they click on most. Walnut gathers and analyzes data and assists reps in comprehending the demo flow and engagement patterns and determining which aspects of the demo work and which don’t. 

Beyond Demos don’t just answer the whats; they also show the hows, essentially providing a visual presentation that discusses how reps can maneuver their deal.

Adapts to Existing Business Systems

Beyond Demos is ideal for both startups and large enterprises as its vast features are easily integrated into existing business workflows. The data consolidation of Walnut’s native integration with CRM platforms (e.g. Hubspot, Salesforce) makes it possible for sales reps to achieve a 360-degree view of their prospects on one platform. This feature enables reps to make fast and data-informed decisions that make sales cycles efficient for both parties.

Beyond Demos is Walnut’s movement to take the B2B sales shakeup a step further. With clients like Adobe and Dell attesting to the extensive analytical platform and innovative solutions, Walnut’s newest product positions itself as one of the leading and most effective tools in the industry.

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