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How Personalized Learning At The Wright School Can Close the Pandemic Learning Gap

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How Personalized Learning At The Wright School Can Close the Pandemic Learning Gap

October 24
19:15 2022
Using a modern classroom curriculum to support your child

The pandemic created dozens of new challenges for teachers and students at a time when educational outcomes were already suffering. As time continued and new technologies advanced, many educators are adapting to a more personalized pedagogical approach to close the learning gap and address each and every student’s needs.

Personalized learning may be the key to success in a modern classroom.

What is personalized learning?

Personalized learning is a way for teachers to connect to each child and give them the time and energy they need to succeed.

The U.S. Department of Education describes personalized learning as “involving customizing the learning pace to individual learners, tailoring instructional methods, and personalizing learning content”.

For students, that means they’ll get access to a teaching model that adapts to them, rather than a one-size-fits-all method. This modern classroom approach has become increasingly studied and applied thanks to consistent positive results.

The pandemic learning gap

As many kids around the country suddenly went a year or longer without school – it’s not hard to believe that COVID-19 has left a serious mark on the education system.

McKinsey and Company found that students remain behind in both math and reading, while some school districts are finding stagnating improvements. In their nationwide study, they’ve found that majority-Black schools are still 12 months beyond their majority-White peers.

With so many ongoing challenges, many schools are aiming to reduce this education gap by adopting more modern approaches, like personalized learning plans.

The benefits of personalized learning

Personalized learning plans have been shown to empower students, improve their thinking skills, and keep them motivated to stay continue working on their studies. Given the fact that many students are still behind in their studies, it’s time to jumpstart their academic progress through this modern approach.

1. Improve academic outcomes

Personalized Education Programs have been shown to boost student outcomes at just about every level. The personalized attention and support allow each student to perform better and improve their academic standing.

2. Take Initiative

These learning plans allow each student to take control of their education and explore with greater motivation. They’ll learn faster, stay engaged, and want to remain curious throughout their schooling.

3. Move away from standardized testing

Rather than focusing on test scores, personalized learning allows teachers to really focus on what each student needs. It’s a holistic approach that doesn’t compare through numbers, but focuses on what they truly need to succeed.

The Wright School Model

We’re proud to use the HMH curriculum and Growth Measure at The Wright School. We use technology to make our teaching more adaptive and give your child the support their need to succeed. By connecting adapted assessments and digital reports to standards-aligned resources, the online tools allow for better teaching and more progress.

Go to and learn how we can help your child thrive at The Wright School.

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