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Gaia-X Association: The Annual Summit will take place on 17-18 November in Paris, France

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Gaia-X Association: The Annual Summit will take place on 17-18 November in Paris, France

October 24
22:24 2022

24 October, 2022 – Brussels, Belgium – Gaia-X Association for Data and Cloud AISBL, the leading European organisation defining the next generation of trustworthy data infrastructures, is hosting its annual flagship Summit on 17 and 18 November 2022, in Paris, France. A breakfast press day will launch the Summit on 16 November 2022 at 9:30 CET. The Summit landing page is available here.

The two-days hybrid event we will show the progress and the developments made over the last two years, bringing on stage representatives from the Association, business leaders, institutional authorities, and organisations worldwide – delivering a unique experience to more than 350 physical attendees and over 4,500 online attendees. 

“This summit carries the evidence of the move of Gaia-X from an initial concept to the adoption phase, the overall growth and reach of Gaia-X” commented Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Gaia-X “It shows we are walking the talk and making the necessary steps to start a concrete market adoption from 2023” he highlights.

Our motto this year is ‘Gaia-X is up and running’ showing the results of the Association’s second year of operations: the Adoption year. Compliance, Federation and Data Exchange define the Gaia-X framework and present the three key pillars necessary to create a solid data economy.

This year’s Summit delivers an open and profound analysis into the most debated topic of these years: data sharing economy. Top leaders, market experts, visionaries and commentators will discuss on the Why and the How the Gaia-X framework presents a new perspective on the need and purpose for digital sovereignty.

Gaia-X member organisations and partners truly show their commitment to develop a software framework of control and governance. The Gaia-X Summit is sponsored by DAWEX, IONOS and DE-CIX. Other important partners include La Salle Wagram – Châteauform’, AC Mariott and La Villa Malliot, and many more, specifically wishing to scale this year’s Summit. 

With additional sponsors and partners on the way, this year’s Summit will focus on technology and results. For the first time, we will show real business applications through our lighthouse projects and dataspaces in the domains of manufacturing, automotive, mobility, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism and more.

The summit agenda will touch upon, elaborate, and expand on the following key topics, amongst others:

      •  The Gaia-X Framework: Discuss What is Gaia-X; how it works and the market value it brings. We will showcase a hands-on guided tour on our technology, compliance rules, the trust-framework, and respective mechanisms to adopt digital services that are measurable, objective, and trustworthy to flourish the next generation of the data economy. Check here for a taste of it.

      •  European Data Spaces: Showcase use cases in Health, Energy & Sustainability, Banking & Finance, Tourism, pushing for a data space driven economy and the digitalisation of value chains. We will hear from the voice of the market actors on the main trends, challenges, and opportunities, and how can Gaia-X help to transform the European economy into a competitive data marketplace.

      •  The Gaia-X Business Impact: Present the first business projects applying the Gaia-X applicability and compliance and adopting its architecture to achieve concrete business outcomes. Watch the video here.

      •  Gaia-X and Regulatory Compliance: Elaborate on the importance of regulation and how can this be sided with technology to achieve the necessary balance between rules, their objective measurability and effective adoption and implementation. From tech-reg to reg-tech, and automated compliance as ‘a solution’, not ‘the solution’, in order to create an alignment between the industry ability, and the expanding regulations.

      •  The Gaia-X Evolution: Present next steps to extend the market adoption of Gaia-X, challenges, milestones, internationalisation, and expectations following our five years plan.

      •  Gaia-X and the European priorities for Digital: Conclude with the vision of institutions and Governments to support further understanding on why Gaia-X is important to them and how they can foster its presence to achieve resilience and transform our social and economic ecosystems for a stronger Europe.

“We are excited to host our annual Gaia-X summit in Paris this year,” remarked Vassilia Orfanou, CMO of Gaia-X. “It is time to meet and discuss the next phase of Gaia-X with member organisations, while providing an exciting array of speakers and networking opportunities”.

Gaia-X has grown to be a reliable Association for data users. It has moved from an initial concept in 2019 and a founder base of 22 members to 357 members to-date, clearly presenting a growth rate of 32 percent per year. In addition to its member base, the Association has 15 national hubs, 5 international hubs, 3 committees, 19 working groups and over 2000 contributors across different vertical systems, such as mobility, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, finance, tourism, agriculture, aerospace, and public service.

Annual Summit Attendee Registration and RSVP, please check here.

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