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VersedLook, a leading Social Media Marketing Agency, has launched the Local Launchpad Program. A program dedicated to assisting local Business Owners.

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VersedLook, a leading Social Media Marketing Agency, has launched the Local Launchpad Program. A program dedicated to assisting local Business Owners.

October 26
10:30 2022
Trent Stonehouse, CEO, and Co-Founder of VersedLook, a leading Social Media Marketing Agency, has announced the introduction of their Local Launchpad Program. This innovative program will help local business owners take their digital marketing strategies seriously and grow their businesses organically.

The Local Launchpad is a program designed to assist local business owners in unlocking their abilities, expanding their businesses and brands through social media marketing, SEM Google ads, and closing more deals each month with organic leads that come directly to them. The Launchpad is a program for local companies that want to thrive and dominate to become leaders in their community.

“The greatest moments in your life are the wins. Everyone wants to take their business to the moon but lacks the fuel to launch. It is about having the right tools and knowing how to use them. Many businesses fail because they do not have the right instruments to succeed. The Local Launchpad is for people who desire to do more, people who want not just to succeed but thrive in their local markets,” says Trent Stonehouse.

The VersedLook team will advise you on Better Marketing and work with businesses to implement various strategies, systems, and processes for thriving and successful businesses, allowing them to avoid common digital marketing mistakes that most people in industries make.

With the Local Launchpad program, Stonehouse affirms that businesses will be able to:

–  Overcome and unlock the ability to turn their viewers online into clients
–  10X their brands
–  Become leaders in their community
–  Dominate in their businesses
–  Become more profitable with a 300% increase in organic calls
–  Businesses will be able to leverage the power of their reputation

“This program is not for you if you are obsessed with becoming the next big TikTok star or looking for a new, cool, quick, easy “fix” to digital marketing.” The Local Launchpad program is not a “hack” or a program that promises instant results. It was NOT created to help you get rich quickly. That type of “quick fix” solution does not exist; these are empty promises made by people who cannot assist you.”

VersedLook, founded in 2019, has worked with over twenty-five different industries so far and is considered the Best Marketing Agency in Canada. This year, the clients they work with are expected to generate more than $50,000,000 in revenue. The VersedLook team adapts custom solutions for their clients. Their services generate local leads and increase sales for businesses.

According to the VersedLook team, business owners will see measurable results from the Local Launchpad program in just 28 days, allowing them to scale their performances, prioritize actions that produce the best results, and increase sales.

“VersedLook team has limited themselves to working with only 40 businesses in the Local Launchpad program at any given time. We want to ensure the success and growth of our clients personally.”

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