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Change Management Training – The main goal of change management courses

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Change Management Training – The main goal of change management courses

January 20
15:12 2023

The main goal of change management courses is to lessen the likelihood of unfavorable consequences as a result of organizational development. Learning and development executives may assist their talent in avoiding the typical mistakes that stymie change by creating an extensive training program. Before creating a program, keep the following six points in mind.

The Value of Leaders

Team leads must be the first to implement change management training in order to ensure that workers support organizational changes. 33% of managerial conduct does not encourage change, which is a solid fact.  Typically, they are in charge of assigning resources, supervising people who are carrying out the change and managing the change processes. In the end, the success of the entire team depends on their commitment.

Typical Change Management Models

It’s crucial to be aware of the many change management models that leaders could use when developing a change management training program. The models that are most frequently used are:

The Kotter Change Management Framework. The eight stages of Kotter’s model are: establishing a sense of urgency; establishing a guiding coalition; developing a strategic vision and initiatives; enlisting a volunteer army; facilitating action by removing obstacles; producing short-term wins; maintaining acceleration; and finally, implementing change.

ADKAR Change Management Model. According to this paradigm, people must change before an organization can. Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement are all abbreviated as ADKAR. Each phrase stands for a goal that a learner must accomplish in order for change to stick.

Lewin’s Change Management Model. One of the simplest models is Lewin’s, which just includes the three steps that take place before, during, and after transitions: unfreeze, change, and refreeze. It entails dismantling the way things are now done, accepting change, and then “refreezing” into a new mode of operation.

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