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AI powered academic support is real and here to stay

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AI powered academic support is real and here to stay

May 24
23:18 2023

With the recent influx of AI educational tools into the market, we’ve thoroughly evaluated several. Among them, InstantTutor emerged as the most impressive. It feels like only months ago that the innovative approach that InstantTutor has adopted, which amalgamates various AI tools including ChatGPT-4, would have been perceived as wizardry and the pinnacle of educational technology.

The service is designed for students of all ages tackling academic challenges or drowning in complex homework that desire immediate academic support at their fingertips.

InstantTutor is what it says on the tin, instant academic support. Students simply type in a question or capture an image of their work, and the app provides instant feedback to help guide them through their academic journey. Gone are the days of tirelessly scouring the internet for accurate answers or waiting hours for assistance. InstantTutor cuts down the frustration, boosting confidence and productivity by providing immediate, personalised assistance.

This app’s sophisticated AI can comprehend a wide range of academic topics, transforming a phone into a reliable companion for solving complex mathematical problems, deciphering cryptic historical events, or even mastering grammar intricacies. With its user-friendly interface, InstantTutor is not just a tool for academic support, but a stepping-stone towards independent learning.

Moreover, InstantTutor doesn’t discriminate between occasional and regular users. It offers free academic support for a limited number of questions per month, making it an ideal study tool for students on a budget. Yet, for those who require more extensive aid, an upgrade to the premium version is available at just £9.99/month, providing unlimited academic support.

Interested students can invest in their education today by downloading InstantTutor. It’s available for both iOS (Download HERE) and Android (Download HERE) users, providing a game-changing tool for students aiming for academic excellence. With InstantTutor, a students path to knowledge becomes as smooth as a swipe on a smartphone screen.

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